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Core HR, Self-Service, Payroll, Recruitment & Performance modules for employee centric companies.

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Human Resource software is one of the simplest & most powerful way of controlling costs related to wastage of man hours
due to costly manual attendance & payroll processes.


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Timelabs HR Software can save 30 min per emp per day. Increases focus on business growth & productivity

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The use of a right time attendance software/ attendance management system can save your company a great deal of time and reduce errors that are often made by wrong attendance calculations.

Save efforts, Save time and thus Save money with a robust Web based Time Attendance Software


An integral part of HR software is Recruitment Management or Applicant Tracking System. An easy to use collaborative recruitment software makes it easy for recruiting teams to consolidate all applications in a single place and manage open positions easily. Integration with Employee Onboarding makes the new hire onboarding process fast and easy. This frees up HR personnel to focus on other tasks without compromising the quality of the onboarding experience. The end result is a more productive HR department with fewer headaches and better onboarding for the organization and new hires.

Performance Management SystemM

Measure your employees’ performance continuously and consistently to ensure that employees and departments across the organization are working effectively towards achieving the business' strategic goals.

Performance management is the continuous process of improving performance by set-ting individual and team goals that are aligned to the strategic goals of the organization, planning performance to achieve the goals, reviewing and assessing progress, and developing the knowledge, skills and abilities of people.

Timelabs Performance management system allows you to build an effective framework of performance management with Goals, Competencies / KRA-KPI’s along with flexible evaluation periods and rating system.

employee self service portal

Employees like the easy access and convenience provided by employee self-service module, while managers and HR personnel appreciate the transparency it offers along with time saving benefits. ESS promises a "paperless" office, streamlined business processes and the elimination of "administrivia" for human resource staff. ESS creates a single, secure repository for HR information and processes and provides an easy-to-navigate environment that is accessible by all employees, regardless of where they are located 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Access rights for each employee are established by HR and are typically determined by the employee's position in the company organizational hierarchy, department, and key job functions

EMPLOYEES LOVE IT !! Self Service Mobile app for Managers and Employees is very essential part of HR tech ecosystem. Integrated with GPS for location based attendance with selfie and with geofencing provides a great solution for managing attendance of regular as well as remote employees. Timelabs Employee Self-Service mobile app provides employees with easy access to many core functions like apply leave online, submit tour requests, regularize their attendance, view payroll information, submit expense claims, submit documents online and many others advance features like marking attendance using mobile app. Advance features like Geo-Fencing, Geo-Location Tagging and Selfie upload options are available with the app & ensure that employees can mark their attendance from anywhere. Managers can also handle the requests coming from their teams from within the app. This saves a lot of time and effort and keeps the data updated, which helps to process payroll faster.

time attendance biometrics

Biometric devices are capable components, which can serve different individuals and organizations, ardently looking for first-rate security. Helpful in monitoring the activities of various people entering and leaving the organization, these devices are becoming mandatory security systems. Face recognition is becoming popular with companies switching from fingerprint based attendance to Touchless – No Contact attendance systems. Face recognition technology is indeed, the most appreciable application of biometrics, as it offers significant improvement over existing security products. Our biometric devices are seamlessly integrated with the software to provide a integrated user experience without the need to download data manually from devices and registered users can by synced across the devices & locations for faster processing and security management.

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Core HR, Self-Service, Payroll, Recruitment & Performance modules
for employee centric companies.

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