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Employee Self-service app for seamless HR connectivity

  • Record attendance and apply for leaves
  • Check company calendar and read policies
  • Seek approvals, report grievances, and get resolutions
  • Declare taxes, raise reimbursements and claims

Employee Self Service Application

Mobilize employee connectivity with HRM desks and eliminate physical hassles!

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Seamless mobile connectivity

Connect with your employees remotely through a full-fledged ESS mobile application available on iOS and Android platforms.

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Geo-location tagging

Get the live location status of dispersed and mobile employees as they mark their entries and attendances remotely.

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Secure documentation

Securely manage employee documents, archive job history, add company literature, and issue policies in a hyper-sourced documentation module.

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Requests and approvals

Allow employees to raise queries, request releases, and file grievances with the HR authorities in a smooth and streamlined manner.

The most efficient system to connect HR teams with employees

Employee-self-service system

Timelabs ESS helps in reducing the time, effort, and cost of HR operations as it allows employees to themselves feed and check their data and let the human resource team to concentrate on strategic and growth roles. The system tracks location details for remote and moving employees and manages all data and entries in real-time. The ESS dashboard is capable of producing in-depth analytic data and detailed reports for individuals and teams. No matter how big or complex your HR operations are, Timelabs ESS can handle it best responding to your functional requirements and practicing needs.

High performing ESS
Employee Self Service Portal

Dot-to-dot HR
Desk connectivity

Timelabs ESS mobile application is a way to automate HR desk operations and eliminate the iterative and redundant practices, offering a full-service digital interface between employees and administration. The employee self service application is available with iOS and Android platforms and offer complete support for desk operations.

The application allows employees to seamlessly connect with the HR team for filing leave and claim requests, check and upload documents, manage employee information, declare investment and taxes, refer to payroll data, seek department approvals, practice regulations and compliances, and get resolutions for requests and queries.

On the other side, it comes quite handy at managing employee data, resolving queries, measuring performance, approve attendance and leave requests, and manage work archives and utilize it all for deriving critical information and insights about teams and individuals. The ESS service dashboard for HR managers is a great way to wholly manage employee tracking, management, engagement, and development program in one place and get custom reports about every activity built on collaborative information fed and updated by the employees.

Why Timelabs

Why Timelabs?

Timelabs is one of the most endorsed and applied employee-self-service applications to transform diverse HR operations into automated mobile utility.

  • checkmark Full-service employee dashboard
  • checkmark Asset and data management
  • checkmark Payroll and leave management
  • checkmark Employee performance data
  • checkmark Policy walkthroughs and announcements
  • checkmark Remote attendance and time logs
  • checkmark Employee directory and records
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Here’s how Timelabs ESS works

Watch out how Timelabs automates HR desk operations to help you incredibly save on time and cost.

Timelabs ESS

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Benifits of Timelabs ESS


All-inclusive service

A complete suite of HR services with a full-fledged functional module to serve employee requests through a handy mobile help-desk facility.


Satisfied employees

Boost employee morale by allowing workers instant access to information, offer employee benefit plans, and training opportunities.


Improved insights

Allow managers to better understand team compositions, engagements, & performance; monitoring work trends performance insights.


Changed priorities

Timelabs ESS is designed to help remove the administrative burden and help HR professionals focus more on strategic action.


Improved accuracy

As employees enter and validate all the employment and work details by their own it improves the accuracy and veracity of information.


Reduced cost

The optimally designed ESS system by Timelabs reduces the efforts at HR desk and cuts down the cost of operations significantly.


Perfect time management

The system allows employees to login attendance, submit timesheets, update team rosters and overtime with corresponding work information.


Smooth employee payouts

Allow employees to enter their requests for reimbursements, claims, investment returns and seek easy approvals from departments.