Benefits to Business

Benefits to Business

Employees like the easy access and convenience provided by employee self-service module, while managers and HR personnel
appreciate the transparency it offers along with time saving benefits.

Reduces administrative time

Reduces administrative time to manage and track employees' performance.

collecting and filling of time

Sets you free from the daunting task of preparing, collecting and filling of time cards.

Ease payroll processing

Ease payroll processing, making it a quicker task.

Secure and manage logins

Secure and manage logins with permissions for every login.

MIS tools for efficient reporting

Having MIS tools for efficient reporting.

Synchronization features

Synchronization features.

erroneous task of data entry and re-entry

Saves from erroneous task of data entry and re-entry.

data retrieval and back up facilities

Allows data retrieval and back up facilities.

quick deployment, faster ROI and easy administration

Robust design provides quick deployment, faster ROI and easy administration.

productive and efficient

More productive and more efficient.

tax calculator saves time for calculations

Integrated tax calculator saves time for calculations.

Auditing and reporting

Auditing and reporting are done quickly with lesser time and resources.

No chance of loss, missing or manipulating of any sheets

No chance of loss, missing or manipulating of any sheets thus is a very reliable system.

automating pay policy

Saves money by automating pay policy.

capability of customization

Wide flexibility with highly qualified capability of customization.

Our employee management system will provide the solution for the basic employee management challenges for any organization:

  • You are free from the tedious and time consuming processes as it saves time by using standardized processes, employee groups and employee data.

  • Reduces the risk of losing data by providing defined file structures, role based security, retention protocols and administrative features based on corporate policies and compliance requirements.

  • Enhances productivity by empowering HR team members to find information quickly and consistently, save and retrieve records from a single interface and increase collaboration using a unified process approach.

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