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Payroll Software

Payroll Software

Payroll software is technology that aims to streamline and automate the process of paying a company's employees

Our Payroll Offers

Timelabs is a web based software solution which has payroll software module that eases the very laborious task of every month payroll processing. It includes complexities regarding calculations, deductions, statuary regulations and other daunting activities. Our payroll software is designed to suit every small, midsized and large organization to enhance their payroll processing and thus adding to the productivity and profits.

Our Payroll Offers


Built for India - Leave your payroll and compliance to us. Focus on growing your business. Let us do the rest with accuracy.



Core Features

Core Features
Payroll Dashboards


An intelligent payroll dashboard with payroll links and overview of the complete system.

Payroll Components


Admins can configure Earning/ Deduction components according to rules applicable in their company.

Pay Structures


Admins can easily create Pay Structures using earning/ deduction components, taxes and save them for reuse.

Statutory Taxation


Admin can define various tax components according to the requirements of the company.

Assign Pay structures


Group employees with common pay components to same Pay Structure. Assign default component values.

Salary Annexures


Admin can set employees next appraisal date and get appraisal due alert on Payroll dashboard.



It's easy to define the appraisal of an employee in form of time which will be shown on same date on admin dashboard.

Loans & Advances


Employee can view his Loan and Advance ledger details. Loan can be adjusted either with employee's salary or with cash payment.

Asset Management


Add assets, bulk upload using CSV, assign to employees, define expected return date, release to pool.



Add bills and build claims. Add max limit on bill amount.

salary register


Salary Register shows you entire details of employee's earning and deducted salary in a single sheet.



Employee can view his compensation details, view all pay slips and download them as well when required.

full & final sattlement


Process Full and Final settlement for employees who have raised resignation request.

salary statement


Salary report for bank with details of each employee's net salary and bank account details is created automatically.

Payroll Reports


View overall salary paid in company for a month, various earning/ deduction details.

Keeping up with compliance

Keeping up with compliance

Follow the legal framework while disbursing salaries to their employees..


(Tax Deducted at Source)


Employers are required to deduct their employees' taxes and deposit it to the government.


This is applicable to the very first employee if their salary exceeds the basic exemption limit.


(Provident Fund)


Contribution made towards the EPF scheme by the employees and the employers in an equal proportion.


Applicable when the total number of employees in an organisation, including contractual staff, is greater than 20. (Voluntary contributions for an organisation with less than 20 employees is allowed)


(Employees' State Insurance)


An amount is deducted from employees to provide insurance for medical expenses including accidents and maternity.


Applicable when the total number of employees is greater than 10


(Professional Tax)


Tax deducted from employees.


Applicable to an organisation from the very first employee

Key Benefits

Key Benefits

Payroll, One of the most important HR tools, when combined with online leave management & employee self-service portal, considerably reduces the load on HR and simplify the cumbersome task of managing the employee attendance, payroll and leave on a month to month basis.

Payroll Processing

Payroll Processing

Process employee's attendance data into Payroll easily and with 100% accuracy of Pay Days, Salary, Loan, Advance and OT

Pay Slip Generation

Pay slip generation

Generate Pay slip in PDF format and automatically mail the same on employee's mailbox

Statutory and bank reporting

Statutory and bank reporting

Reports available in various formats for PF, ESI, PT, TDS deduction. Bank Transfer, NEFT, Cash and Cheque transfer reports can be generated.

Import or export files to excel

Import or export files to excel

User can import employee's salary, loan, Advance, appraisal and various other data into Payroll. Same way can export employee data.

Cross platform viability

Cross platform viability

The Employee Self Service allows your employees to stay connected with HR and Managers.

Easier to manage and update the database

Easier to manage and update the database

Software has a database to store all the information about the leaves and payroll. HR and managers can easily manage or update the software database. They have full access to review their software database.

Every employee can sign in to this syste

Every employee can sign in to this system

In online Timelabs software employee can sign in or connect their account and check all details related to their payroll, salary and leave status.

Effective in monetary terms

Effective in monetary terms

It is not necessary to say to all the terms and monetary conditions. Once you have software add one time monetary terms that's all.

Does not require to memorize data

Does not require to memorize data

You do not need to memorize employee data, just connect the software and get all the details in one click.

Multiple concurrent users

Multiple concurrent users

With centralized management of the software Super User can grant other HR users to manage Payroll for their branch employees only.

No software installation on machines is required

No software installation on machines is required

Web access platform gives anywhere access facility to Timelabs. Manager can access the software from his web browser only, no need to install any other software

Lesser data redundancy

Lesser data redundancy

You can easily find lesser data in software and keep them away from your database. It is not necessary to keep any lesser data redundancy.

Payroll Software

Payroll Software
Brief about Payroll

Brief about Payroll

Timelabs is a web based software solution which has payroll software module that eases the very laborious task of every month payroll processing. It includes complexities regarding calculations, deductions, statuary regulations and other daunting activities. Our payroll software is designed to suit every small, midsized and large organization to enhance their payroll processing and thus adding to the productivity and profits. Payroll software is efficient in a wide variety of tasks including employee attendance, calculating innumerable salary components; calculate overtime, tracking leaves, loans and advances, generating pay slips, PF reports, ESI reports, tax reports etc.

Our payroll software is compatible with every type of industry unlike other payroll applications. It is multi-user, multi-company application and can maintain records of around 500 employees at a time. Its advance features make it easy for administrators to set user level permissions and access rights and maintain a complete audit trails. Unlike most other business functions, payroll software needs to be updated regularly, not for support of help when things go wrong, but also for regular updates when tax and other figures change, and when there are alterations to legislation.

In most large and medium organizations payroll is an essential monthly activity, which is fairly routine in nature. Depending on the size and nature of the organization, this activity can be fraught with complexities related to calculations, deductions and statutory regulations. There also exist several routine processes like leave management, income tax calculation and deductions, reimbursements and routine HR communication which are time consuming and error prone. Pocket Payroll is a complete HR payroll software that not only offers organizations value for money but is also universally applicable irrespective of industry vertical, unlike most other payroll applications.

In manual data processing, errors cannot be controlled and employee and company data can be compromised. If leave and attendance are mismatched, employees can get less or more salary and excess disbursal, posing unnecessary issues. To add to this, physical data entry takes cumbersome hours and toil to create and is susceptible to mishandling.

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