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Applicant Tracking And
HR Payroll Software In Bangalore

Every organization wants to hire and retain talent. It starts with having a robust onboarding system that offers an experience to the new joiners. The effective use of an applicant tracking system makes the onboarding journey easier for both employers and employees.

Recruiting new employees becomes a hassle-free task with a smart applicant tracking system in place. It comes with smarter application forms and reporting and analytic tools that makes the hiring process efficient and effective.

Many organizations are considering employee self-service portals to offer a seamless experience to their old and new employees. It becomes convenient to manage personal and professional records of employees and help them manage their grievances timely.

Online biometrics systems and fingerprint devices have a role to play in ensuring employee satisfaction. It leaves no room for errors and discrepancies as one can avoid time theft and buddy punching issues. In return, it results in increased productivity as HRs can dedicate their time to other important areas.

Timelabs is a leading HR payroll software company in Bengaluru that offers a robust applicant tracking system to ensure smooth employee onboarding.


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