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Connecting HR & Staff: The Benefits of Our Internal Helpdesk for Seamless Solutions

The Helpdesk feature within HR Software is designed to streamline communication between employees and the HR department, ensuring logging, tracking and timely resolution of queries and issues. This inbuilt tool serves as a platform where employees can seek assistance, submit requests and access information.

  • checkmark Raise Ticket: Employees can submit a ticket for any HR-related issues or inquiries. This ensures that their concerns are officially logged and can be tracked until resolution.
  • checkmark Forward Ticket: Tickets can be forwarded to the appropriate HR personnel or department, ensuring that the right person handles the query.
  • checkmark Filter Ticket: Users can filter tickets based on various criteria such as status, priority, or department, making it easier to manage and organize requests.
  • checkmark Automated Response: The system can send automated responses to acknowledge receipt of the ticket and provide initial guidance or updates on the status of the inquiry.

HR departments experience a 50% reduction in response time to employee queries with the implementation of a Helpdesk, streamlining their workflow.


Unlocking the Benefits of Our Internal Helpdesk to Employees

  • checkmark Efficient Problem Tracking: By raising tickets directly through the Helpdesk, employees can ensure that their issues are addressed promptly and systematically.
  • checkmark Transparent Communication: Employees receive automated responses and updates, keeping them informed about the status of their requests.
  • checkmark Accessibility: The Helpdesk provides a single point of contact for all HR-related queries, making it convenient for employees to get the assistance they need without navigating multiple channels.
  • checkmark Tracking and Follow-Up: Employees can track the progress of their tickets, ensuring they are resolved in a timely manner.

Employees report a 40% increase in satisfaction when provided with swift solutions to their concerns through a Helpdesk, contributing to a more engaged workforce.

HR Connection: The Benefits of Internal Helpdesk Integration

In summary, the Helpdesk module in HRMS is a powerful tool that enhances the communication and problem-resolution process between employees and HR department. By offering features like ticket raising, forwarding, filtering and logging responses, it ensures a seamless and efficient approach along with transparent communication to handle day-to-day employee queries, benefiting both employees and HR managers alike.

  • checkmark Organized Query Management: The ability to raise, forward and filter tickets helps HR managers manage and prioritize requests efficiently.
  • checkmark Streamlined Processes: The Helpdesk automates and centralizes communication, reducing the manual workload and potential for errors.
  • checkmark Improved Response Time: With automated responses and a clear ticketing system, HR can address and resolve issues faster.
  • checkmark Data-Driven Insights: The Helpdesk can provide valuable data on common issues and bottlenecks, allowing HR managers to identify trends and improve processes.

Employees report a significant 30% reduction in stress levels, as they feel supported and valued through the efficient resolution of their queries via Helpdesks.


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