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Driving Success by Empowering Employees with Learning & Development

  • 360' view of overall trainings
  • Access control of teams
  • Self learning module
  • Personalized Learning
  • Leadership Development
  • Continuous learning
  • Upskilling all levels of workforce

Build a resilient workforce for tomorrow with Timelabs talent nurturing platform

Are you looking to organize the overall training for the workforce under one umbrella? Here's a one-stop solution for learning and development of your organizational manpower.Prepare your workforce for the future with new skills that help meet your business goals. No matter which learning process you offer, our highly-developed and customized software not only ensures smooth training delivery but also provides HR teams with comprehensive performance scorecards for each individual.

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What is Learning
and Development

Learning & Development includes HR driven initiatives that result in employees growth by enhancing their skills. It is mutually beneficial for employees as well as the company as it leads to both individual and organizational success. The main aim of L&D is to empower employees with the necessary skills and knowledge to adapt to the ever-changing work environments, contribute efficiently to organizational goals and realize their full potential

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  • checkmark Skills assessment
  • checkmark Performance management integration
  • checkmark E-learning platforms
  • checkmark Certification tracking

Training Program

  • checkmark Edit the events
  • checkmark Organize new training
  • checkmark Add/Edit the programs
  • checkmark Customized dashboards
  • checkmark All file types supported
  • checkmark Add new course and category


  • checkmark Large audience participation
  • checkmark Access control to users
  • checkmark Multi language support
  • checkmark Outside viewers can be added


  • checkmark Gamification available
  • checkmark Test and exam conductions
  • checkmark MCQ tests available
  • checkmark Track progress
  • checkmark Custom-build dashboards


  • checkmark Study content dashboard
  • checkmark Self-analysis sections
  • checkmark Mobile-friendly module
  • checkmark Tailored-dashboard for viewers


  • checkmark Filtered performance sheets
  • checkmark Share the achievement feature
  • checkmark Easy downloads
  • checkmark Create new certificate as per program type

Timeless Learning, Endless Possibilities: Timelabs' Journey in Employee Development & Empowerment.

Discover a universe of skills waiting to be mastered with TimeLabs Learning & Development Module

Training Programs

Empower your organization with the ability to create customizable training programs through our intuitive Training Events module. Whether your goal is to elevate your workforce's skills, introduce fresh learning categories or streamline existing training process, our platform equips you with the essential tools for success.

  • checkmark Create Custom Training Programs
  • checkmark Expand Categories and Types
  • checkmark Seamless Data Upload and Material Sharing
  • checkmark Access Control for Security and Compliance
  • checkmark Launch Successful Skill-Up Programs
Training Programs


Enhance, Engage, Excel: Enriching Workshops for Every Employee

Step into a world of growth with our workshop-focused Learning & Development Module! We offer you customized features, designed to boost your team’s skills and productivity. Imagine having top-notch trainers right here with your team, sharing their expertise, experience and wisdom, without you having to pay a single penny for online courses. Keep tabs on progress of your employees effortlessly and dive deep into learning through our user-friendly workshop platform.

  • checkmark Customized features for skill enhancement
  • checkmark Access to top-notch trainers
  • checkmark No cost for online courses
  • checkmark Effortless progress tracking
  • checkmark User-friendly workshop platform


Explore Assessments: Where Learning Becomes a Game-Changer!

Say Goodbye to conventional exams and embrace a fresh perspective on assessment! Our approach is all about engagement and innovation. From dynamic challenges to interactive quizzes and a variety of engagement activities, assessments have been transformed into exciting adventures.

Fueled by state-of-the-art technology, our module ensures that evaluation is seamless. Join us and discover a whole new dimension to assessing learning—easy, enjoyable and effective!

  • checkmark Engaging Learning Experience
  • checkmark Diverse Assessment Methods
  • checkmark Effortless Evaluation Process


Welcome to Self-Learning: Your Pocket-Sized Education Hub!

Love learning on-the-go? Our mobile-friendly module puts your study material in the palm of your hand. Access the entire program via our user-friendly app and track your progress with ease. Whether it's past lessons, current modules, or upcoming programs, stay ahead wherever you are. Join us and embrace learning anytime, anywhere!

  • checkmark Study anywhere, anytime with mobile access
  • checkmark Seamless learning via mobile-friendly platform
  • checkmark Easy program access through the app
  • checkmark Track progress with personalized dashboard


Certification in training and development isn't just a badge—it's empowerment. With easy sharing and customizable options, the module ensures seamless certification. By earning certification, employees enhance skills and boost morale, driving excellence and innovation within the organization.

  • checkmark Enhanced Skills and Knowledge
  • checkmark Career Advancement Opportunities
  • checkmark Increased Job Prospects
  • checkmark Hiring Earning Potential

Ready to explore the future of learning? Discover Timelabs' cutting-edge L&D software module in our incredible explanatory video

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