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Online Leave Management

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Leave Management Software

Managing Leave takes no time, with Timelabs.Web Based Leave Management Software

Leave Management System

What is Leave Management System?

Reconciling employee attendance is a very crucial task for each HR manager and involves a lot of expensive time. Defining leave rules is not just where it ends but managing leaves and updating employee leaves on a regular basis to keep the payroll accurate is a very tedious and time consuming task.

Our team has put in a very considerable effort to create, manage and track employee leave by creating a new module for Timelabs. This Leave management module simplifies the complex task of monthly reconciliation of leaves of each employee and allows the managers and HR admins to handle employee leave efficiently and systematically maintaining the flexibility.

Significant amount of expensive employee, manager and HR time is wasted in a very basic HR process. To handle this we have seamlessly integrated the leave management with employee self-service portal that allows employees to apply for leaves / submit a leave request which goes to the immediate reporting head. Employees can also view their leave balances and track their leaves for each month using the employee self-service portal. This tool, leave management with employee self-service portal considerably reduces the load on HR and simplify the cumbersome task of managing the employee attendance and leave on a month to month basis.

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Customize your Leave Types & Holiday List

Core Features

Define leave types or create new leave types based on your company's time-off policy. You can color code each leave type, enable IP restrictions and customize based on - location, roles, employees, gender, marital status, etc., you can also configure the list of holidays based on location and other influencing factors. This eliminates confusion and potential conflicts.

Leave Management

Define Leave rules as per your leave policy

Timelabs supports unlimited leave policies that have all standard leave rules of an organization.

Define accrual, lapse and encashment rules

Timelabs provide simple and easy leave policy rules to accrue, lapse and encash employees leave.

Allot leaves based on user groups

HR can either allot each policy individually to an employee or allot for entire group

Monthly Leave Adjustment

With monthly leave adjustment user can deduct/adjust employee's pay leave simultaneously for whole month whole employees.

Transfer/ Lapse Leave

At the end of the year user can transfer employee leave balance to another leave. Leave also can be lapsed at year end

Leave Balance, Accumulation Rules

With leave accumulation rule user can limit and fix employee's maximum leave accumulation limit. Both PL and CO leave can be accumulated according the accumulation limit.

Integration with Payroll

Leave Encashment rule can be configured in Payroll. If an encashment is done, the amount is added in employee's salary.

Web-based Leave Application and Approval

With web based Employee Self Service access employee can send leave application to their HR. HR then can approve/reject those requests from anywhere from web portal.

Integration with Employee Self Service

Employee Self Service (ESS) provide access to Employees where they can view their attendance, leave balance, OT, Salary, Personal details etc. They can apply for leave, attendance, Tour requests and get it approved by Managers. Manager also can approve, reject and Mark those requests to other senior authorities.

Leave Reports

Timelabs maintain the records for employee leave balance. It shows employee's Opening Balance, Deducted leave, new leaves and Final Leave balance. Software provides leave summary, leave details, comp off details, Comp off summary and other various leave reports.

Compensatory Off

Define Compensatory off eligibility, accrual and lapsation rules

Employees can update their daily tasks created for them by admin. The Employee Self Service allows your employees to stay connected with HR and Managers. View number of hours spent in each task.

Backed by powerful workflow engine for approval

The Employee Self Service allows your employees to stay connected with HR and Managers. The Employee Self Service allows your employees to stay connected with HR and Managers.

Automatic Comp off during Holidays/Day offs

You can reach the Timelabs software with your employer's computer when he / she goes out or your organization on the holiday program, and that does not count the absence or paid leave of an employee.

Watch how It Works

Watch the full walkthrough of Leave Management Software and check out how it works on user end

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Aimed at Saving Time, Reduce Cost and Improve Employee Satisfaction.

Key Benefits

This tool, leave management with employee self-service portal considerably reduces the load on HR and simplify the cumbersome task of managing the employee attendance and leave on a month to month basis.

Benefits to the Organization


Save Paper Go Green

By empowering employees, self-service relieves HR professionals of administrative overhead and frees them to focus on strategic initiatives such as recruitment.


Complete integration with attendance system

When employees are encouraged to update their own personnel information, the result is not only a reduction in data-entry errors but more relevant and up-to-date information.


Transparency of Leave records

Whenever employees want to know about their remaining leaves, this software has full transparency of leave records. Even your employees can easily access to see their paid and unpaid leave record.


Organize and monitor attendance including leave data

Software Timelabs provide organized data leave, so you can easily calculate the salary of an employee and you have access to watch full attendance record, including employees leave data.


Reduction in HR intervention

HR organization have so many other important tasks, this software can reduce the time for manual calculations or discussion with an employee to calculate wages for human resources.


Accurate and Faster Salary Process

Any organization can obtain accurate and faster pay process with this software. Software can reduce manual work and time to make your difficult process to much easier.


Reduce Time of Leave Approval Process

Employees can save their time to approve leave requests. Just add your leave information in the software and return to your work.


Increase Employee Moral

When HR has time to chat with the employee, he / she can increase employee’s moral. Take a one to one session of meeting with all employees to raise their morale.


Improve Transparency in the Organization

Transparency in the management and employees are essential for any organization to become successful in the market. Through Timelabs software your organization can improve transparency between.

Benefits to HR Management


Automatically computes and maintains applicable leave balances

HR every organization has advantages for maintaining balances applicable leave any employee with Timelabs software. Software keep all leave records that are applicable or not applicable leave.


HR can manage leaves adjustments and Compensatory Off's easily

With this HR software can easily manage adjustments leaves staff and term of compensation. Best software to reduce the time a manual check or maintain the leaves of all employees.


Leave adjustment simplifies monthly attendance and increase payroll accuracy

Another advantage for HR is that they can adjust the sheets, monthly attendance and increase the accuracy of the payroll in this software. Online software makes your life easier and keeps your pay correctly.


Relieve HR from Routine and Manual Work

In this HR software can track pending leaves, online access to leave balances and have access to leave transactions. This is perfect for relieving HR routine and manual work.


Reduced time for HR to compile monthly attendance accurately

With this software, HR can simply manage the presence of their employees and this software will reduce the time HR to compile accurate monthly attendance.

Benefits to Employees and Managers


Submit / Cancel leave request online

Employee may submit or cancel their leave request at any time. They have access to see their drooping leaves and approved in the software online.


Online approval / denial of leave

Employee can track or check their leaves in software online and also check their condition leaves open. They can see online approval or denial of leaves.


Track pending leave request

In employee online leave management software to track their status and pending leave application to HR for it.


Online access to leave balances

All employees have their own account to check their leave balances, followed drooping leaves and ask to see the approved status.


Online access to leave transactions

If someone wants to transaction of their leaves then they can easily do with this software. They have online access to leave transactions.


Transparency of leave records

Software to reduce the time for discussion with HR, employees can see their online status of all leave because the software have transparency of leave records.


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