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HR Software for enterprises

performance management tool benefit my organization

Time is a decisive factor for a business’s success. But, what makes you utilize time optimally is a team of capable people who are aptly appointed and managed to work towards the organizational goals. Managing your human resource to get the most value out of the process is crucial to drive and utilize better workforce capacity to achieve enterprise goals.

Timelabs allows enterprises to get optimum human resource value through advanced workforce automation and people’s process alignment. Our HR software for enterprises appoints an efficient HRMS system to enhance workforce capability and performance and get viable results in enterprise operations by managing and appraising employees effectively.


HRMS system for enterprises catering to advanced human resource functions

Timelabs HR software for enterprises is one of the most effective ways to commit to employee compensation and reward system. The software allows HR departments to hire right candidates and onboard them to make the best fit in the roles.

The work management module allows you to have better control over remote workforces and utilize them to the best of your benefit by establishing an effective employee management and engagement system at your workplace.

Timelabs HRMS software for enterprises is designed to suit businesses of any size and type. It can be seamlessly integrated into your work facility and can help you appoint resource planning and validation systems that help in operating and executing human resource functions effectively.

HR automation system for enterprises to optimize workforce efficiency

With Timelabs HRMS, you will get to effectively control your day-to-day resource management operations with great efficiency. You can set goals, precisely put them into practice, hire valuable resources, train your employees to deliver, evaluate their performance, measure and compare growth trends, compensate and reward them appropriately, and get to achieve high organizational competence and productivity value through the rightly appointed people’s system.

The system eliminates the undue manual efforts and repetitive tasks at the HR desk at managing human resources. While keeping the employees closely attended and served for any queries and updates through a powerful employee-self-service app that helps them connect with the HR communication at length.



strut support systems
om shri shubh labh agritech pvt. ltd
JSW Steel Ltd
guljag industries limited
toyota tsusho nexty electronics india pvt ltd
Mani Jewel
mani jewel
yaskawa india pvt ltd
aksh optifibre limited
AT Exports
a.t. exports
Ewellery Forest
jewellery forest pvt ltd
shimadzu analytical (india) pvt ltd
Anupam Rasayan
anupam rasayan india limited
artsana india pvt ltd
Mrida Organics
mrida greens & development private limited
Jayesh Industries
jayesh industries limited

HR Software for Manufacturing

performance management tool benefit my organization

Timelabs HR Software for the manufacturing industry is a clinically built people’s management system to allow organizations to build immersive workforce capability for volume production and delivery. The human resource management system supports all the functions that a manufacturing unit would require to appoint people on jobs, assign roles, allocate tasks, set performance targets, gauge outputs, and compensate their workers fairly.

The software is built to serve the urging need of modern manufacturing houses to manage the diverse workforce and have them enter the right personal details, track applicants and recruit them against the proposed skillsets, keep their work logs and time entries set the right compensation and payout for them, and manage performance and reward systems most efficiently.

HRMS Software to build great workforce management systems for manufacturing companies

HRMS Software to build great workforce management systems for manufacturing companies

For a manufacturing company, it is important to clearly define and build plans of appraisals and put them to best work with the people’s force. This is how they can get to fairly compensate and reward their employees for the value they produce for the organization. This also allows the manufacturing company to identify the employees that should be bestowed with bonuses and incentives.

While also knowing who should need to be corrected and trained for better performance. With Timelabs HR software, you can expect quality resource appointments and high-performance turnouts to favor greater workforce validation and value optimization at your organization.

An all-encompassing modular framework for managing employees across locations

An all-encompassing modular framework for managing employees across locations

The Timelabs HRMS system is designed to cater to a business’s HR management system at all stretches. Our advanced features for managing employees at multiple manufacturing facilities incredibly add to the potential of the entire process and system. While offering customized solutions to manufacturing businesses, we keep it aligned with their requirements.

We make it deliver as a hyper resource compliant system that works with their multi-layered processes and aids in the complete automation of our client’s system. Our software delivers an end-to-end HRMS base proposing a full-fledged offering through Core HR Management System, Applicant Tracking Software, Payroll Management Software, Leave Management System, Performance Management Tool, and Online Biometrics System etc. To stand out to be the only HRMS system any people-centric manufacturing organization would ever need.


smcc construction india limited
global buildestate projects pvt. ltd.
aquarius engineers private limited
parkview facilities private limited
madhav limaye consulting llp
creative projects and contracts pvt ltd
Consulting Engineers Group
consulting engineers group ltd

HR Software for Engineering

performance management tool benefit my organization

Timelabs HR software is a vastly applied and used system to appoint authoritative and efficient human resource automation systems at engineering companies. It has been extensively allowing organizations to build strong HR operational frameworks to implement policies to get the best results with managing human resources at work.

Engineering processes involve training and development at an immersive scale. The business that appoints the best employee improvement and engagement programs get to register the most success and growth. Timelabs has been putting up the most advanced tech-led operations to manage and train employees to help engineering companies to build and deliver the most value through human resources.

modern engineering workplaces

HRMS software to adapt with modern engineering workplaces

The customized HRMS software solution for engineering businesses allows organizations to build a domain-complaint framework to help them with laying out a system for effective human resource management and engagement.

The system fits into the people’s process of any organization to support it through recruiting the right engineering talent, inducting them effectively, maintaining attendance logs and time entries, and measuring performance accurately. Get them engaged with different induction and growth programs and keep them updated with the company policies. While evaluating employee performance and compensating them accurately and appropriately.

HRMS system that supports process innovation

Timelabs, as an HRMS or HRIS solution, always keeps evolving to serve the latest trends. It has been inclusively built to work along the latest trends in HR tech. We have deployed the latest features and built the HR software for engineering services to work with advanced tools and hyper-connected systems to support innovative HR practices within organizations.

For instance, our Employee Attendance Management System is designed to seamlessly connect with advanced biometric systems and read and track employee attendance and put it along with the records to reveal important data for organizations. The system reveals actionable feedback for HR to act upon and optimize workforce productivity through the system reports.

The system is integrated with different other tools to manage absenteeism and productivity through data-driven analysis and therefore leads to value enhancement and performance innovation for organizations.

HRMS system that supports process innovation


mcgraw hill education (india) private limited
saroj ganesh podar trust
RK Girls College
shri ratanlal kanwarlal patni girls college
allen career institute
global institute of technology
paramahamsa foundation trust
mittal commerce classes pvt ltd
Aadharshila Public School
aadharshila public school
shirpur socity
shirpur education society
Vel in Pbl school
vel international public school
r.c. patel institute of technology
GD Goenka
gd goenka public school


Medeor hospital
medeor hospital (rockland hospital)
eternal heart care centre and research institute pvt ltd
Apex Hospitals
apex hospitals private limited
Life Spring
lifespring hospitals private limited
Sanjivani eye hospital
sanjivani eye hospital & phaco centre
etico lifesciences private limited
bajaj healthcare limited
bhagwan mahaveer cancer hospital & research centre

HR Software for Healthcare

performance management tool benefit my organization

The Healthcare industry is going through a massive digital reform. Services providers in the domain are increasingly automating their processes and digitalizing their practices across the length of business operations and customer services.

With these turnarounds and shifts in the healthcare sector, businesses are now looking at a more comprehensive and authoritative approach towards mapping and managing their workforce capabilities. This requires them to own and implement a strong act of human resource management through workforce automation.

Timelabs HRMS software for healthcare businesses is one credible step in the direction to improve the quality and capability of healthcare providers to optimize and control their human resources to best deliver towards their service objectives and performance goals.

HR software for advanced healthcare employee management

HR software for advanced healthcare employee management

Timelabs HR Software is designed to create resourceful workforce utility systems that involve advanced payroll software, performance management system, asset management, time and task trackers, and documentation modules, aiming at improved productivity and turnarounds in a healthcare setup.

Timelabs helps the administrators to seamlessly connect with the employees across the service lifecycle through an intuitive Employee-self-service mobile app.

The system works effectively with multi-specialty centers, hospitals, diagnostic labs, medical research firms, and other healthcare facilities.

The HRMS System can functionally adapt to the changed workflows and third-party integration requirements to enhance your workforce management capability as you expand as a service over time.

Best-value healthcare HRMS software for multi-process setups

Timelabs HRIS System offers a complete suite of workforce automation and management system that is built on the latest features and is equipped with the most advanced support mechanism to empower new-age healthcare systems to efficiently manage resources across multi-process service facilities.

The human resource software is capable of handling multiple employee requests for attendance, leave, queries, training, reporting, and compliances across departments and functional systems. It allows healthcare departments to analytically derive critical data for optimizing their operational and productive capacity.

The system stands relevant across different healthcare services frameworks and compliance factors. The system makes a strong case for providers in the domain to excel with utilizing and managing human resources in their disciplines and facilities.

Best-value healthcare HRMS software for multi-process setups


ciberspring international (india) llp
alia premedia services private limited
loginworks softwares pvt ltd
lirik infotech private limited
targus technologies private limited
strategic ip information pvt. ltd.
esage it services private limited
aalacom technologies private limited
vortex netsol pvt ltd
eastcom peace
eastcompeace india priavate limited
reactore india private limited
bigiota analytics llp
estee advisors pvt ltd
glisco advisors llp


highway amenities developers private limited
Industrial bank of korea
industrial bank of korea
laxmi india finleasecap private limited
Jpr Printers
jaipur printers pvt ltd
BI Group
united india periodicals private limited
Nageen Prakashan
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group priority
UCH logistics
uch logistics (india) private limited
k m trans logistics pvt ltd
Rajesh Motors
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Roshan Motors
roshan motors pvt ltd
Nagina International
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Ravindu toyota
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Cauvery ford south indias leading dealer
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