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ML10-ID DIY Fingerprint Lock


ML10-ID is integrated with fingerprint recognition and RFID card technology. It is DIY design, which can replace knob lock easily and quickly. You can even do it by yourself.

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Zinc Alloy
User Capacity Admin -20
  Normal User-120


Temporary User-40
Operating Temperature -20°C - 55°C
Power Supply 4×AA Alkaline Battery
Backup Unlocking Way Mechanical Key & 9V Battery
Door Thickness 30-38 mm (optional)
39-46 mm (standard)
  47-54 mm (standard)
  55-60 mm (optional)
Dimensions Front - 69(W)×155(L)×35(D) mm
  Back - 69(W)×155(L)×25(D) mm


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