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Student Attendance Management

Managing Attendance takes no time, with Timelabs. Web Based Attendance Management Software

Student Attendance Management System

What is Student Attendance Management System?

Student Attendance is a Timelabs attendance management software module. It is designed to handle the various attendance requirements of public and private schools of all sizes. From almost effortlessly recording attendance, to producing daily attendance bulletins, absentee record and letters and documents. Student Attendance module simplifies a wide range of school attendance tasks with ease.

One of the best feature of this software module is the online presence so the schools can access all student and staff attendance data online or via hand-held devices.

Student attendance can automatically send Email or SMS notifications or alerts to student's parents in case of student absentee which allows parents to also monitor their son/daughter’s daily attendance.

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Core Features

Timelabs is built on robust client-server architecture and supports multiple simultaneous clients which enable admin staff to perform their function with utmost ease.

Attendance Management

Capture Real-Time Attendance Logs

Our integrated Real Time Monitor utility capture student's real time attendance logs on the PC

Automatic SMS alert to parents

Set SMS templates in the system and define a auto task for automatic SMS alerts for absent/present to Parents mobile number

Proximity Card options for young Student

In managing student attendance, you can use or provide the option of Proximity Card for young students.

Accurate Student Attendance

Raw Data from device downloaded into system database and have accuracy of Student Attendance

Daily Attendance Register

System keeps the records of Student's daily In-Out attendance logs and maintain the same in Daily Attendance Register

Monthly Attendance Register

System keeps the records of Student's daily In-Out attendance logs and maintain the same in Monthly Attendance Register as well

Watch how It Works

Watch the full walkthrough of Attendance Management Software and check out how it works on user end

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Aimed at Saving Time, Reduce Cost and Improve Employee Satisfaction.

Key Benefits

Timelabs also has fully integrated time office software which provides various employee attendance and HR related functionalities. E.g. daily attendance, employee time policies, weekly offs, partial day working, monthly attendance summary, leave management etc.


Better student attendance management

Timelabs automates the student and staff attendance hence; reducing irregularities in the attendance process arising due to human error.


Less administration work for School end

Timelabs is built on cutting edge modern technology and designed to help schools and parents/guardians to deal with problems of truancy/absenteeism.


Better accounting of Student's whereabouts during fixed hours

With the presence of management software students can better accounting of student hours of being fixed.


More parental involvement in ascertaining Student's presence in School

Better Parent/Guardian information system – Parents/Guardians are better informed about their wards whereabouts with automatic SMS, bulk SMS facilities in Timelabs.


Improves students attendance ratios

School management will improve student attendance ratios over time student attendance management system.


Better school staff attendance management

You can use this system with your school staff and do better in school or in the management of the presence of the school staff.


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